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FULL NAME: Skye Lorelei Siegel

DATE & PLACE OF BIRTH: 11/12/91 in anchorage, alaska

CURRENT RESIDENCE: los angeles, ca & juneau, ak


STATUS: uninterested

POLITICS: conservative democrat

RELIGION: roman catholic

EDUCATION: east anchorage high school

PARENTS: conrad (52) & margot (48)

SIBLINGS: eve (29), jason (27), levi (25), daniella (16), elias (12)

early life   Margot Siegel did everything she could to get her only daughter away from Plasticville, California. Despite working her way up the ladder as a talent agent with an eye for the it-factor, she might have almost ruined everything by becoming wife #2 to one of the most decorated film producers. Dragged into a disastrous soap opera, Margot's only out was a quick annulment and a one way trip back to her home in Anchorage, Alaska. There were plenty of questions asked to big time Margot when she came back to her home, but the main detail that quieted all the inquisitions was being single and four months pregnant. Skye Lorelei Siegel was born on November 12, 1991 to Margot Siegel and Conrad Jacobson. Conrad had flewn in specifically to welcome his third child into the world, but his stay was merely temporary.

career beginnings   For as hard as Margot tried to erase her Hollywood ties, it didn't stop Skye from finding her niche on the stage. After years of bullying and a friend count that was embarrassingly low, acting became an outlet for the struggling Skye to build confidence and make genuine connections. Knowing of her mother's former life in Hollywood, Skye pleaded with Margot to allow her to move to Los Angeles with her father so that she could pursue acting on a professional level. Not wanting to lose her daughter to her ex-husband and his excessive lifestyle, Margot decided to compromise. Skye would be limited to small television and film roles until she graduated from high school. As a result, Skye appeared in several minor parts in popular shows like "Two and a Half Men", "Heroes" and "NUMB3RS". Her first supporting role would be as Angie in Remeber the Daze, a project that got most its attention from casting young, up and coming actresses.

breakthrough   After successfully graduating from high school, Skye parted with her mother to make an official move to Los Angeles. Wanting to explore the indie circuit more, she wracked up several supporting gigs in Tanner Hall and Winter's Bone, the latter garnering her enough attention to successfully sign with Creative Arts Agency. Unfortunately, Skye's talent became overshadowed by her discovered relation to Academy Award producer Conrad Jacobson. Were scripts being sent to Skye because they believed in her being right for the role? Or was getting her in the film just a power play to get her big name producing dad behind their project?

career stumbles   Wanting to explore newer environments while staying true to her roots, Skye led the cast of Sucker Punch as Baby Doll. Being a part of a female-led action film was inspiring but the production was panned by critics and audiences alike. The smaller project Little Birds premiered at Sundance to mixed reviews, but Skye remained positive about her involvement with the film. There was no doubt that 2011 was a disastrous followup to her rise in relevancy the previous year. Her only solution was to continue looking for scripts that stood out to her like Winter's Bone, a mission that was easier said than done.

renewed success   Going back to her roots was a wise choice for Skye. She was back in the film festival circuit with Harmony Korine's highly anticipated movie Spring Breakers. While it received mixed reviews, most agreed that Korine had forged what would be a cult classic ten years down the road. The next year, Skye finally got her shot to both shine and show off her acting chops as Grace in Short Term 12. Receiving a nomination from the Independent Spirit Awards, people believed Skye to be a dark horse in the Oscar race. Ultimately, she was just another casualty of what would be called a very crowded year for the Best Actress category. Nevertheless, such politics of good ole Oscar did not phase Skye who was relieved she had finally proved to most that she was more than a product of nepotism. Further proof in her momentum as a growing star is the buzz generating from newly released Birdman. Skye has certainly managed to climb her way out of the mess she made in 2011, but Skye still wants to do a big blockbuster right. It was her main motivation behind taking the role of iconic superheroine Scarlet Witch in Marvel's upcoming project Avengers: Age of Ultron.

2015. "Untitled HBO/Rock 'N' Roll Project" ... JAMIE VINE
2015. avengers: age of ultron ... WANDA MAXIMOFF/SCARLET WITCH
2015. Knight of Cups ... DELLA
2014. birdman ... SAM THOMSON
2014. camp x-ray ... PFC AMY COLE
2014. captain america: the winter soldier ... WANDA MAXIMOFF (UNCREDITED)
2013. palo alto ... APRIL
2013: short term 12 ... GRACE
2012. spring breakers ... BRIT
2012. being flynn ... DENISE
2011. sucker punch ... BABY DOLL
2011. little birds ... LILY HOBART
2010. dirty girl ... DANIELLE
2010. winter's bone ... GAIL
2009. tanner hall ... KATE
2008. remember the daze ... ANGIE
2008. "numb3rs" ... KELLY RAND, 1 EPISODE
2007. "heroes" ... DEBBIE MARSHALL, 5 EPISODES
2007. "two and a half men" ... SOPHIE, 1 EPISODE

one Skye has deep ties in Alaska on her maternal side and stays in Anchorage for holidays and vacations. She also owns a home in Juneau, Alaska that she runs off to when in need of peace and quiet. Skye mainly resides in her West Hollywood home and shares it with roommates.

two Her mother made certain her only daughter would have her last name due to her rocky relationship with her estranged husband. In the end, Skye was relieved that this occurred since it was harder to track down her relation to her famous producer father.

three Skye is absolutely in love with the outdoors. She is well versed in horse dressage, training and loves hiking in extreme environments. Skye is also an advocate for conserving Alaskan wildlife.

four While by no means a fashion aficionado, she understands the importance of fashion in the entertainment industry. Therefore, she favors wearing clothes from up and coming designers in lieu of the established houses.

five Had to go under extreme media training when Winter's Bone started promotion. Key issues that she had problems with included cursing, crass humor and horrible posture.

six For every role she takes on, Skye writes a complete "Character Bible" that includes her character's history, personality and motivation within the film. These bibles are on a shelf in her bedroom and have been professionally bound like real books upon completion of filming.

seven Was diagnosed as dyslexic when she was seven years old. School was always a chore for Skye, and English was dreadful. It was only when she enrolled in theater classes that Skye found a way to build confidence that was severely lacking. Skye was also officially diagnosed with ADHD a year ago, but has kept this a secret from all family and close friends.

eight Impressed the Director and Casting Director of The Winter's Bone due to her authenticity and upbringing in Alaska. For Skye, it was an easy transformation into Gail.

nine Skye is a natural blonde but has gone brunette for several roles.

ten Is the proud mother of a Siberian Husky named Miya and an Akita named Sora. Miya is a former Iditarod racing dog who was on the winning team of Mitch Seavey in 2013. She doesn't go hiking without them.

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